Then and Now

The Lunchbox palaver

Oghenefego Ofili In recent times I have observed with keen interest how fortunate kids these days are. They are so blessed; sometimes I wonder how we survived without some of the blessings at their disposal now. Let’s talk about the

Sending erotic messages from one cell phone to another has become liberating to the average enthusiast today. It is no longer news that a lot of mobile users now dabble in typed foreplay and sizzling erotic messages that make the

Summer School

Oghenefego Ofili Children of these days are trying. They are in school almost the whole year. Third term holiday used to be the longest holiday season, and one that most kids looked forward to in those days. You know why?

Exchange Rate Palaver

Oghenefego Ofili Do you remember those days when we used to operate with the trade by barter system?I was not born then but I think I miss those days oh.Mheennnnn! When you wanted yam seeds to plant, all you needed