Ike was feeling damned pleased with himself. As he parked the car, he whistled a cheerful tune, gathered the ’treat’ he’d bought for his family and trotted to his flat. Amidst squeals of welcome from his kids, he dolled out

 At what point in your relationship do you come up with the idea that an affair could give your love life a boost? Simisola’s been married for 14 years to a man she described as her best friend. “And I

February is the month of Love! Everyone should be excited and look forward to making it a special and unforgettable day for their spouses. However, for some people, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. These individuals evolve different tactics to

If you ask any man, he would tell you he knows how there is to know about the things that women want in a life partner. While, they might get some things right, they get a lot of things wrong.

ISN’T it amazing what torrent of scandal a little event like being pregnant can unleash? For the four years Lisa was married to Lekan, her husband, she tried all she could to get pregnant. At first she thought it was

By Candida (Vanguard) In the battle of the sexes one advantage women will always have over the men is their boobs! Simple as it is, it is very comical how seemingly intelligent men turn into whimpering teenage boys at the

When a girl is exhibitng sexual attraction to her biological father, it is called Electra complex. It is may sound unbelievable but it happens in many homes we may not be aware of. Chinenye Obidigbo, guest writer tells the

By Joy Isi Bewaji (Sabi News) My Dear Bros, I am tired of you whining about your girlfriend. What is it that you want? What are your expectations? She grew up in a city where “chop my money” by P-square

At 49, Jubril was thought to have an enviable marriage by his married friends – a 22-year partnership with beautiful Tumi who bore him three lovely children. They met in college and were almost inseparable. Then she became a mother

My name is James, a third-year student in the university studying Accountancy. My mum had left us, me and my twin sister Joyce with my father due to her untimely death. My mum fell sick and sadly, it claimed her