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“Water goes in, power comes out” So in our very own country where we have epileptic power supply, a solution better than generators and having to spend money on fuel has finally come. Today I introduce to you the Powerspout

We all know the story of Noah, how God used rainfall and water to wipe everything and everyone off the face of the earth, except Noah, his family and all the animals that were saved because of the amazing ark

Once in a while, we’ll go back in time and profile some of the greatest minds that ever lived, minds that if not for them the advancements in technology today wouldn’t have been possible. So I’ll kick-start this by profiling

Microsoft HoloLens

“Look around, technology is all around us, we use it in every aspect of our lives, we use it to do amazing things. But what if we can go further, what if we can go beyond the screen? Where your


A digestible sensor is a sensor that transmits information about a patient to medical professionals to help them customize the care of the individual as well as the care provided to other individuals experiencing similar health conditions or ailments.Approved in

I’m not going to be talking about technological advancement this time, instead I want to talk about the 31 year old man from White Plains, New York. He is one of the youngest billionaires in the world, the C.E.O of

Google advancements

John M. E. Hello readers, how are you all today? Hope your day, week and year has been good so far? This week on people dey think o, we are going to be looking at technological advancements. It’s no surprise