Only in Lasgidi

Femi Mohammed As the most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos is one of Africa’s most eclectic mega-cities. Named after the Portuguese word for ‘lagoon’ due to its geographical composition of islands and sand spits, Lagos has a turbulent political history

Driver Move joor!

Oghenefego Ofili One of the most noticeable characteristic in Lagos is the fact that everyone seems to be in a hurry. You go to the market, the yam or meat seller is saying ‘oya, oya’ (fast, fast or quick quick).

Oghenefego Ofili This week we will look into anther survival skill necessary for every intending Lagosian. In this city, there are interesting behaviours that tend to be defined as being sharp. We want to look into the survival skill, ‘Sharpness’.

Oghenefego Ofili I am of the opinion that the time management skills required to live a successful and productive life in other cities like Abuja, Owerri, Calabar, Asaba, Jos, etc., is very different from those need to achieve same in

Oghenefego Ofili As much as we hear of the throng of Nigerians running into Lagos, we don’t hear another side of the coin: many Nigerians dread the thought of living in Lagos. They prefer visiting once in a while then

Oghenefego Ofili In Lagos owning a car is a necessity to many, but many more see it as a liability. For those who their cars fall into the asset category, they usually do a critical analysis before they purchase it.

The Lagos Dictionary

Oghenefego Ofili Have you ever been in a conversation and the other person responds with the phrase ‘this is Lagos’? This response is used most times in case where a person has a certain expectation to which his/her listener believes