Less talk more action

Towards the tail end of last week, Nigerians especially the youths excitedly anticipated the much talked-about Black Friday. Black Friday is a day set aside by shopping outlets around the World to slash prices on their products and services for

My definition of the Nigerian music industry is an industry run rampant by a lot of noisemakers and few actual musicians;an industry where great music died at the turn of the century with a minute number trying to show that

Yes today I want to talk to all of us Nigerians. Every Nigerian knows how to criticize, abuse and even curse. Some argue that we are born this way, some say that it is in our nature to express negative

No doubt he WAS one of the best Rock artistes in Nigeria until his very long and unexplained hiatus/sabbatical began. His beautiful way of playing the guitar could only be rivaled by Asa. He is Etcetera. Yes he was a