Ads Review

You know the feeling when you see something happen right in front of your eyes that is funny, not because it’s hilarious but because it is dumb. That is the exact feeling you get after watching the new Startimes advert

This is a bit of a throwback though, and I’ll love you all to kindly erase the “I was determined” part off your memories Lol. This advert really brings out the emotional part of any Nigerian who knows the story

Sigh! Glo! Glo!!Glo!!! When will you learn? Yes o, they have done it again. And this time it is with Wizkid. There are still a lot to have to take on bound in your adverts. I have nothing against you

This advert had Nigerian children everywhere and even a few adults dancing every time the advert came on. I mean even guys and some fathers would sing along when the advert came on during the half time of English Premiership

  I love this drink, its blend of ingredients and its smooth taste takes it a couple of levels above the likes of normal skimmed milk. So when I was watching television and their advert came up, I was so

This advert was just all right. If you are the type that likes to put your ears directly in front of the speakers of your Television set, then you just might like this one. The Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) helps

Now this advert just came to me when I went to a store and saw a crate of Hi malt. I can’t really remember how the advert went so I went searching. Just to relive the memories! The advert was