Is Peter Okoye Nigeria’s own Kanye West?
February 26, 2016
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Is Peter Okoye Nigeria’s own Kanye West?

Femi Mohammed

Another week another outburst. While Kanye has been on this twitter matter for various weeks now to the point where the Kardashians are beginning to get concerned, Peter Okoye seems to be treading the same path. It all started last week when Peter posted a series of tweets putting all of the family business in the face of the public.

American rapper Kanye West

He ranted about how the duo were no longer in business with brother Jude Okoye and even when his twin called him out with a rare post on Instagram, Peter fired shots at him. He later apologized for his outbursts but then made it clear his apologies were strictly for his fans. This mirrors Kanye’s attack on Wiz Khalifa last month when he thought Wiz was attacking his wife Kim in a tweet. He later apologized when he realized his mistake but he’s been involved in a series of outbursts since then and recent reports have it that the Kardashians are beginning to get concerned about public image.

News started making the rounds that Telecommunications giants Glo are thinking about dropping PSquare as brand ambassadors as issues arose with Peter’s handling of the dance competition Dance With Peter. Peter in turn, posted a series of tweets this morning putting the source that leaked the news on blast as well as making it clear he would be going another rant again in a bid to clarify matters. Be that as it may, it sure seems the duo of Peter Okoye and Kanye West are going through a phase at the moment and while some wish they’d just handle things like the grown-ups that they are, a greater percentage of fans are leaning back and enjoying the show.


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