What Men Think Women Want Vs What They Actually Want
January 22, 2016
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What Men Think Women Want Vs What They Actually Want

If you ask any man, he would tell you he knows how there is to know about the things that women want in a life partner. While, they might get some things right, they get a lot of things wrong.

Let us examine what men think women want versus what she really wants.

Money vs Success: Men will always insist that all women want is money. There might be a little bit of truth to it. But the thing here is, a real woman would want a successful guy over one that just flashes money. If your girl is all about the money and does not care about your financial status as a person, then you are with the wrong girl. Everyone is attracted to success. So, work on bettering yourself as a man, instead of chasing fast, temporary money. The woman who is made for you will care more that you are a success than the Nairas you can flash for her.

Looks vs Hygiene: Yes, good looks attract women, but a clean guy is more likely to get more ladies. There is no point to a handsome man if he does not clean up nice. So, instead of worrying about your looks, how about you let that go and make sure you are presentable. Dress well and pay attention to hygiene. Trust us, you will not have a problem with the ladies.

Arrogance vs Confidence: Men have this knack of exuding pride, thinking that it is what women want, but too much of that can rub her off the wrong way. Arrogance means you act like you are better than everyone else, but confidence, which is what women are attracted to, means you believe in yourself. You are not competing with others because you are secured in who you are as a man. So an arrogant man is unlikely to attract a real woman.

Clingy vs Cherished: Men often complain that women are clingy and they want their partner to pay attention to them every second of the day. Well, if that is really true for a woman in your life, then something is wrong. Most women that complain that their partners do not spend enough time with them are not clingy/needy, they just don’t feel like the time actually spent with them makes them feel loved. Instead of worrying about spending more hours with her, how about you make every minute a quality one. Make her feel like a woman loved/cherished, even though it is for 5 minutes, and she will stop complaining about having no time with you.

Life of the party vs Sense of Humor: Women love a man who can have fun, but this does not mean they want the partying or alcohol/drug-hazed man. They want to laugh, they do not want you to make a fool of yourself at a party or pass out drunk at a bar. So, if she says she wants you to be more fun, endeavor to show her a good time without making her feel like she is hanging out with some party-crazed teenager.

Drafted by : Ajomole Helen (for Naij.com)


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