Between TeeBillz and an IG follower
January 20, 2016
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Between TeeBillz and an IG follower

A recent trend of social media war between celebrities and fans was on show again when Tiwa Savage’s husband, TeeBillz came under fire on Tuesday, January 19, from a fan for posting a message on ‘Domestic Violence.

Teebillz innocently took to his Instagram handle posting a picture of a woman with the inscription: “TGD, ONLY COWARDS TORTURE WOMEN!” and the caption:

My Brothers! I know women can run their mouth and sometimes push us to the wall but no matter the circumstance, let’s learn to walk away. They will forever be our mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. The sincere truth is, we cannot do without them so we must love them enough not to be a COWARD. #SayNoToAbuse #TGDI #OnlyCowardsHitWomen #323ME

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Many of his fans misunderstood his post by coming out for him saying: “Women can run their mouth and….? How denigrating. Kai, this is how to crown sexism”. On seeing this, Teebillz could not contain his anger and disgust as he replied the post saying:

“@msoliakwe this is the example of what I meant by running mouth. You could have asked me what I meant by that before misinterpreting my words ma”.

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Coming out in support of her husband, Tiwa Savage’s team on Instagram added to the already lighted fire saying: “@mizzshantel he forgot to add that women also jump into conclusion

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I think its about time these celebrities hire good PR agents who’ll be in charge of their social media and will let them know they need not reply hating fans, just saying.


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