5 Nigerian artistes who never fulfilled their potentials
January 4, 2016
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5 Nigerian artistes who never fulfilled their potentials

The Nigerian music industry is arguably No 1 in Africa with artistes from all around the continent and even across the globe wanting to identify with our superstars like Wizkid, Davido, DBanj, it is no doubt a fantastic time to be a music star in Naija. However over the years, we’ve got one-hit wonders whose careers never really took off. These artistes seemed like the next best thing back then only to wither away after a brief stint in the music industry. A couple of them are still trying to make comebacks but it seems the industry is crowded already and they just might have to put in super massive work in to even be recognized at all. Here are 5 of them who found their way into our list:

5. Klever Jay:

His hit tunes “Koni Koni Love” and “Igboro ti daru” featuring veteran Nigerian rapper Eedris Abdulkareem introduced him to Nigerians as an artiste to watch out for. However, the tunes soon dried up as there were neither follow-up singles nor an album to back up his work and he was soon forgotten.

4. MoCheddah:

The young delectable had been in the music industry for a while and she alongside Wizkid were the youngsters expected to become Naija’s next big things and her hit singles like “If you want me” and “Ko ma roll” as well as her sonorous voice put her in our faces as her fanbase gradually increased. However, while Wizkid had gone on to become the mega superstar people had predicted he’d be, MoCheddah has been more about looking good these days than spending time in the studio.

3. Lynxx:

A couple of fans might want to argue his inclusion in this list but believe it or not, Lynxx makes it to the No. 3 spot on our list. After coming out with a bang with jams like “Change your parade”, “Good loving” with Wizkid as well as “Fine Lady” with Wizkid once more, Lynxx has been pretty quiet on the music front as most Nigerians think its more about his looks than his musical prowess. Whichever way it is, we want Lynxx to get back into that studio and prove us WRONG. Up until then, he’ll be chilling on our No. 3 spot.

2. Sauce Kid:

Arguably one of the best rappers Nigeria ever had when he was in the game. Sauce Kid became a household name in 2007 with his hit rap track “Sanboribobo”. He dropped a few mixtapes and even altered his genre a bit to go a bit commercial dropping singles like “Sinzu is sinzu” and “UnderG” where he featured Don Jazzy in the music video as well as “Carolina” with Davido. Its all gone quiet ever since and a lot of Nigerians feel lots of rappers in the industry wouldn’t have been able to compete with Sauce Kid if he’d stayed focused hence, he earns his No. 2 spot on our list

1. May D:

Taking the No. 1 spot is no one else but Mr May D. He roared into the Nigerian music industry as a Square Records artiste releasing hit songs like “Ile Ijo”, “You want to know me” with PSquare and “You got me high” and he gathered a massive fanbase as his songs were judged hit after hit. However, things took a downward turn when he left PSquare-owned Square Records and his career as expected, suffered for it. He never attained the heights expected of him and bar a few songs here and there, he is very much on the periphery in the booming Nigerian music Industry.


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