December 16, 2015
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Top 10 Places Single Ladies Should Avoid In Lagos

Saw this hilarious post and just felt I should hit Lagos up Lol…

Not to appear being sexist, Lagos single girls love the good life. They are always on the look out for opportunities to advance personal goals. They visit places where they are sure of quality network. For the rookies, we bring you ten strategic places you should avoid because the guys there are also hustlers like you.

Lagos babes

1. Oshodi Under Bridge: Nothing good can ever come out of Oshodi under bridge. The place is home to hoodlums and deceivers. Please beware of men seeking your attention in this place.

2. Career Fairs: Whoever you meet there is as broke and is still in searching for job like you. The average financially stable person there is the host and they are always known as married men. So babes shine your eyes.

3. Ozone Cinema Yaba: You will only find Yabatech and Unilag ‘boys’ (yes, boys) with carrot jeans and Timberland roaming around pretending to be boys when in fact they are mummy’s boys. The chances of meeting a potential husband is very slim. Just don’t bother to waste your time.

4. All Under Bridge Names: Names of places that contain bridge like Ojuelegba Under Bridge, Ikeja Under Bridge, Ijora- 7up Under Bridge and so on are nothing good to write home about. Babe, be on your ten toes when find in those places.

5. Computer Village: You might end up loosing your belonging or a vital part of your body trying to find a promising man there, be wise like an Owl.

6. MTN Centers: Funny enough, most visited customers of MTN are those poor stricken guys who will borrow N50, from MTN and are credited with N45. The next day, they rush to MTN Customer Care Center to lay complain about missing N5. Meeting a husband there must be through the power of the Holy Spirit.

7. All the bus stops on Mainland are not the good places to meet a potential boyfriend not to talk of a dream husband. The moment you descend from 3rd Mainland Bridge towards the Lagos Mainland axis, babe ignore every stranger that says “Hi” and run for your dear life.

8. Justrite Supermarket: Where products are sold at a very very cheap rate. Any man found there is looking for cheap products to purchase. Allowing such a man to become your husband, he will definitely do the shopping for soup things for you or rather ask for a list of soup ingredients and the actual price they are being sold in the market. What am I trying to say here? He will definitely have a ‘Superglue’ hand in giving. Is that the best ladies?

9. BRT Buses: Ladies, have you noticed that majority of single guys you meet in the bus are either moody or always accompanied with long annoying stories? It is either they are thinking of the 2kobo balance remaining in their phone or telling stories that are beyond comprehension. It is a wrong choice to consider one as a potential husband unless ‘Sufferness’ is your motto in life.

10. Job Interview/ Reality Show Audition: The chances here are very slim. Once he’s declared the winner of the show, you can consider him but in the meantime, you can give him your contact to keep close communication otherwise, be very smart and at alert towards them. As for the job interview, the moment he scales through the employment list, you can have a go for it. Don’t panic dear; you are not a gold digger but only securing a bright and comfortable future for yourself as a wise woman that you are.

Babes, shine your eyes



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