5 groups of people who can’t survive in LasGidi
December 12, 2015
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5 groups of people who can’t survive in LasGidi

Lagos is the arguably the most populous state in Nigeria and the number of people coming to the city keeps growing every day. It is no doubt that the city has a lot of economic opportunities which is one of the things people seek when they move to Lagos. While some people hit the jack pot, others seem to find it difficult to find their bearing. Some people even find it difficult to survive and either run back or drown.

Here are five types of people who cannot survive in Lagos

Santa Claus

Lagos is a great city to meet people and make friends as some of them might actually help one to realise one’s goals. Some people would also help to connect you to someone who might eventually be of great help. It is therefore important to have a good attitude and be nice to everyone. It however has its limitation if you want to thrive in the city. The good attitude you show should not be so much that you wouldn’t be able to hold back when necessary. As soon as you are labelled a Santa Claus in Lagos, it doesn’t exactly mean you are good in the positive sense but a fool who spends without sense. You are likely not to get any help when you need it from people and that may signify the beginning of your end in the city.

Mr Nice Guy

Mr Nice Guy is similar to Santa Claus but the difference is that the nice guy doesn’t mind anything that comes his way. He might not necessarily spend money carelessly but he takes whatever is thrown at him without complain. Lagos is not a city for the person who cannot say no to what he find unacceptable. If you keep mute just to portray a good façade. You are likely to be taken advantage off and that’s a sign of impending doom.

The Miser

While you are likely to drown if you are a Santa Claus in Lagos, you are equally likely to find it difficult to survive in Lagos if you cannot spend money once in a while. The truth is that in Lagos, you actually need money to get more money. It’s not the money sitting uselessly in your bank account that matters but the one you use to secure more money. Sometimes, it’s necessary to pay your way through some opportunities in order to survive and grow.

The Timid

Man on Bar Beach. Lagos.Nigeria

So you’re afraid to take a risk and a big step, then Lagos is not for you. Infect, you are likely to suffer if you stay in Lagos and not try things out. Not all risks are worth it and some are likely to come out negative but you are likely to learn from your mistakes and do better again. People who survive and become successful in Lagos take bold steps and take risks too.

The Satisfied

Lagos is the city of opportunity and many people become successful in the long run. It is however difficult to be stagnant in Lagos. You either continue to increase your success or you begin to dwindle. Therefore, it is difficult to attain a level of success and declare that you are satisfied in Lagos. To survive in Lagos, you need to continue to grow because as soon as you stop, you begin to slide down. The satisfied person in Lagos stands the risk of losing what he has achieved. Therefore, if you feel you are satisfied in Lagos, you can choose to move somewhere else.

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