November 11, 2015
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Wizkid’s Glo advert dissection

Sigh! Glo! Glo!!Glo!!! When will you learn? Yes o, they have done it again. And this time it is with Wizkid. There are still a lot to have to take on bound in your adverts. I have nothing against you or the advert but there are just some things absolutely wrong with the advert.These are things that could have been either avoided or done differently to make the advert cool.

The advert starts with Wizkid on a roof should I say, “drawing unlock pattern” for his tablet which we get to see as the number 86400. This is was the point of the advert: “there are 86400 seconds in a day, make it count with the people you love by using Globacom. Why on the roof? Was he looking for inspiration?

From there we are transported to the studio where he is busy recording a song. While recording, he makes a call to a girl who came in to drop off something for his “producer”. Do producers allow phones in a recording booth? I don’t think so. The door is facing the booth, how comes the girl is surprised it is Wizkid in the booth? Added to that, her look of surprise is so-not-genuine; but we will let that slide.
From the studio to red carpet then into his car; he calls Grandma and speaks to his child (that son na correct!I’m sure girls are lining up, waiting for him to come of age). So I have a question: His phone says 4.22; is that a.m or p.m? It is dark so must be a.m. How come Grandma and pikin are still awake and play at 4.22am?
Wizkid gets home, plays a little basketball with his son (that’s cool). Then we see the timer in the basketball court counting down for him to make a shot, which he eventually made before the buzzer sounds.He is playing basketball with wristwatch and necklace, but I guess that’s cool since he was playing himself.
Also why is he playing alone? Is it just to sweat? If every second counts, what exactly does playing alone count for? It wouldn’t have killed them to put other people on the court; it would have taken them nothing. All na for laffs sha…check the advert out below:


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