November 9, 2015
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Leonardo Da Vinci – A man well ahead of his time

Once in a while, we’ll go back in time and profile some of the greatest minds that ever lived, minds that if not for them the advancements in technology today wouldn’t have been possible. So I’ll kick-start this by profiling a great one, someone I like to say is my role model and a man I wish I can be like: the artist, engineer, chemist, botanist, biologist, architect, inventor, the great Leonardo da Vinci. This was a man way ahead of his time.

Da Vinci’s world famous Monalisa painting

When you hear his name, all most people think about is the wonderful Artist but he was much more than that as you will come to see. He had a sketchbook with drawings of various inventions that we use today; one of the sketches in his book was the helicopter. His sketches of the late fifteenth century were used to make the helicopter by Igor Sigorsky.
He invented/sketched in his book things like the anemometer, flying machines, parachutes, 33-barelled organ (a war gun), armoured cars, giant crossbow, triple barrel canons, clock, self-propelled cart, a robotic self-propelled bird, a scuba gear and the revolving bridge, the odometer amongst others. Also found in his sketchbook were anatomical drawings of humans which would have advanced medicine well into the future as early as the 1500s. Also he postulated and completely described the anatomy of the human body from top to bottom in his “Vitruvian man” theory.
In truth, he made so many discoveries and either invented or could have invented so many things that we are giving other people credit for today. But in truth, da Vinci was the original inventor, a man well ahead of his time; definitely one of the greatest minds that ever lived.


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