Mo Hits D’Banj VS DB Records D’banj.
November 3, 2015
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Mo Hits D’Banj VS DB Records D’banj.

Yes, it is the same person. But… …it is not the same person too.
The Kokomaster, the one who rebranded the music industry with his appearance and Harmonica featuring the then “mute” Don jazzy who would speak in D’banj’s ear to pass his message across.The man that started off with hit songs likeTongolo andWhy Me (in the video he wore 13 shirts, yes I counted).

After making Nigerians “Fall in love”, he “suddenly” announced he was leaving Mo hits and joining Kanye’s record label. It left fans crying and asking “Why?”and guessing since he was moving international it is for better.

Today, fans are no more “Feeling the nigga” and are wondering the “witches” that are behind his slowly but surely demise in the music industry. I wonder if he just wanted to be a “Scapegoat” overseas, because the situation is very “critical”. The only things that would make fans “Celebrate” hearing D’banj’s name would be a track with him featuring/produced by Don Jazzy.Heck even fans are asking for such a track. We are no more entertained by the “entertainer”

Musically, seems Dbanj left his career with Mo Hits and you have to admit. The hype and the psych of hearing Dbanj has a new track out is now low compared to when he was in Mo Hits. You may see him “Knocking on my door” soon. Even though his song “Top of the world” was the theme song for the African Cup of Nations 2013, it still didn’t do much to find favour in the hearts of Nigerians with someone tweeting “I was a kokolet the last time Dbanj released a correct track, and I am a mamalet now”.

But since leaving Mo hits, he has featured more international artistes in his songs, he has his own line of Apple’s Beats by Dre (Beats by Dbanj) coming soon to a store near you in Africa, he has his Koko Gaari, he has his Energy Drink and Mobile Phones (though the last two started when he was in Mo hits), his song used as theme for Nation’s cup. More money is definitely entering his pocket.
I’ll say. Musically Dbanj in Mo Hits was winning. But Business-wise Dbanj in DB Records is definitely winning. What do you think and which Dbanj do you prefer, Mo hits or DB Records?


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