Microsoft HoloLens
November 2, 2015
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Microsoft HoloLens

“Look around, technology is all around us, we use it in every aspect of our lives, we use it to do amazing things. But what if we can go further, what if we can go beyond the screen? Where your digital world is blended with your real world”

The HoloLens in use

Introducing Microsoft HoloLens. High-definition Holograms are now real and here. You can see and visualise your work like never before. Where all you have to do is wear the glasses and just like that, you see everything and create whatever you want in your world, the best part is, they seamlessly integrate into your physical world. The hololens can detect where your Television is for example, and then uses that as your Holographic TV.

Being used to virtually create high-rise building models

You can stream internet televisions such as Netflix, play games like minecraft, solitaire in holographic format, read books and do virtually everything you do on the internet easily and better, because they are holograms.

Architects can design buildings in 3D format, artists can draw and paint, engineers can build models better and more accurately, and a new way to interact with our environment. Imagine how cool that will be and all this is possible thanks to Microsoft and Microsoft 10 software.

“When you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see”
Still doubting? Check out the video.


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