What if your man watches Telemundo?
October 23, 2015
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What if your man watches Telemundo?

Oghenefego Ofili

Society and culture over time have painted a vague image as to peculiar attributes specific to members of the two separate genders. Consciously, but most times subconsciously, even the educated and literate mind falls prey of these beliefs and expectations.

We are familiar with the expectation that men do not cry. They are not meant to put their soft sides on display, but are permitted to display masculinity in speaking harshly to others as a sign of strength, etc. although we claim we are not influenced by such archaic belief systems, our default settings display such attitudes when caught unawares.

So you notice a woman feeling a little embarrassed if her man cries in public or if he displays ‘softness’ in handling a situation where she expected him to release some slaps or punches. In a bid to live up to these expectations, many men struggle with their identity. Because society says men should love football or wrestling, some guy who prefers to watch Telemundo is forced to deny himself that enjoyment for a sport he has no interest in; just to belong.

Ladies, my question for you is, what will you do and how will you feel if your man likes to watch Telemundo?


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