From Agege to Ikoyi – Profiling Sujimoto
October 22, 2015
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From Agege to Ikoyi – Profiling Sujimoto

The 33 year old billionaire is the Ceo of Sujimoto and constructions, the nations’ youngest. He is a young entrepreneur with the capacity to change Nigeria’s real estate industry. Sijibomi’s main objective is to redefine luxury in the Nigerian real estate industry through innovative practices. With Sujimoto’s mission of establishing classy housing units that can compete globally, Ogundele’s wealth of experience as an investment strategist provides the solid background in achieving this target. The young man who has a humbling beginning of living in Agege, one of the suburbs of Lagos is the biggest young property owner in an exclusive Ikoyi area of Lagos with the newly completed world-class luxury apartment, Medici Terrace located on Milverton road, Ikoyi.

The life of this young business man was turned around when he met a Japanese University Professor Dr Sujimoto Koga during his visit to Japan. He believes that the visit to Japan played a tremendous shift in his beliefs and mentality. Dr Sujimoto encouraged him to be confident, believe in himself and take on life as it comes. His parent company, Sujimoto Group has continued to blaze the trail with an international network of partners like the Fortune 100 Alhaji Company is known to be the wealthiest non-royal family group of companies in the Middle-East. The Sujimoto group has helped Alhaji Group and its partners to maximize opportunities in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

According to Sijibomi, in real estate a man who pushes himself beyond the limits and employs creative thinking is bound to win. The issue of quality has been the troubling factor with the real estate sector in Nigeria. Lives are lost and investments go down the drain in buildings that collapses across the cities. Developing quality real estate is not simply putting blocks and mortar together but by detail, precision and strict adherence, angles and textures. He believes from experience, the major challenge regarding the standard of real estate is lack of skilled labour. Because even if you have the best materials but the manpower you have does not have sufficient knowledge on how to execute the work at hand, it will still turn out in shambles. This is why at Sujimoto, they only employ competent workers who adhere to best practices and appreciate the importance of precision without compromise. They also have incentives in order to motivate their workers and boost overall performance.

The unstable nature of real estate is as a result of the rising cost of land and building materials and this ultimately affects the cost of production. The issues of expensive cost of land, unpredictable cost of building materials are key factors that affect the price of construction which implicitly affect the value of real estate.

The philosophy he lives by is the 80/20 principle which he applies to his business, friendship and everything that concerns him. Siji wears an aura of self belief which is why he does not agree with those who say some dreams are impossible. To him big dreams need to be pushed because they do not become reality by chance but dedication, determination and doggedness. For him a man’s personality is not defined by the shoes or wristwatches. He defines his style as classic and believes standing out is not about what you put but the values you stand for. He describes his role model as is mother who is also mentor. His greatest fear is poverty and sees it as the number one ingredient of failure. He defines his best moments as when his competitors conclude that his company is doing amazing and his clients are satisfied with his services and in the end he gives God all the glory.


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