Do Women Relate Better with Male Bosses?
October 13, 2015
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Do Women Relate Better with Male Bosses?

Oghenefego Ofili

It is so interesting how the human mind works sometimes. So many factors interplay in the psychology of every human being to the extent that you can hardly identify the reason for certain mindsets.

I was sitting quietly, facing my work, when my colleague whispered something to my hearing. “This woman will kill someone with work oh. She always has something for us to do. Women sef! If na man, e go dey easier.” I turned towards my colleague with a look that said, REALLY? Hey, do not get it twisted; it is not like I am some Madame perfecto or like I overwork myself. It is the last part of the statement that got to me. I wish she did not add that line.

In my little experience, I have come to notice that women seem to prefer a male superior (boss), to a female. This for me is quite interesting. I would have thought the reverse would be the case.

I am very interested in knowing your thoughts on this topic. Is it true that women prefer to have male bosses? Do women relate better with male superiors in an organization compared to their female superiors (bosses)?


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