My Deliverance from Pasuma Wonder!
October 12, 2015
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My Deliverance from Pasuma Wonder!

Oghenefego Ofili

One of the first things I learnt about commercial buses in Lagos was that the driver usually decorated his vehicle with pictures of his icons; people that motivate him (you could call them his role models or stars). So when I had the opportunity to commute in one of such vehicles I enjoyed looking around the bus (inside and outside). I will always notice inscriptions, pictures, quotes and the like.

When the keke tricycle became popular, I started to notice the inscription ‘Oganla’ on most of them. Forgive my curiosity; I am a very visual person, so I notice things quite often. To be truthful, I just thought it was the same person who owned all the keke with the ‘Oganla’ inscription. I always thought he/she must be very industrious to have so many tricycles all around Lagos.

Then I noticed something else. Whenever I saw the ‘Oganla’ inscription, I also saw a particular picture of a handsome, young and stylish man in most of those vehicles. Okay, I have another confession; I always thought this handsome young man was a religious icon who transporters respected. I did not connect the person in the picture with the inscription ‘Oganla’.

So how did my deliverance from this ignorance happen? I was watching the making of the ‘Oruka’ video by Pasuma on HipTV when the light bulb came on. It was the same guy in all those stickers and posters I saw in commercial vehicles. The set for the video shoot was crowded with star actors especially from the Yoruba fillm genre. At this point I was only delivered from the ignorance of putting a face to the name, Pasuma.

My complete deliverance came when I decided to research more on Pasuma online, as a writer. The first word that hit me from the computer screen was ‘Oganla’! What? Seriously? How could I be so ignorant? It all began to make sense as I got flash backs and connected the dots. On every vehicle I saw that picture of Pasuma, I also saw the inscription ‘Oganla’. He was not the owner of those vehicles; he is a source of inspiration and motivation to many.

Wasiu Alabi Pasuma popularly known as ‘Oganla’ is a Nigerian film actor and fuji musician. He was born on November 27 and hails from Kwara State.

One comment that resounded as celebrities on set were interviewed was that ‘Pasuma is a wonderful guy; he is friendly, generous and accommodating…’ Little wonder the people love him.

He is said to have started his music career in 1984. It is obvious Pasuma knew from an early age what his call was and has remained focus. That is how I resolved the Pasuma Wonder.


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