True talk – a Lagosian’s pain
September 30, 2015
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True talk – a Lagosian’s pain

Yes today I want to talk to all of us Nigerians. Every Nigerian knows how to criticize, abuse and even curse. Some argue that we are born this way, some say that it is in our nature to express negative outbursts when things aren’t going our way or when we are frustrated, especially when it comes to the Nigerian government. But how much of it is really their fault?

We complain of floods and poor drainage systems when we are the very ones that fill the gutters with trash and dustbins. How can water flow free when there is so much obstruction in its way? Even with the improvementsin LAWMA, constant cleaning by LAWMA Drain Ducksand the many policies about illegal dumping of refuse, we still see Nigerians dumping refuse even at places wherewith signage saying “No Dumping of refuse here. Fine is 1000 Naira”. So how is it government’s fault? Why didn’t you stop the person from dumping there initially? Yes, you! Do you think it is someone’s job to ensure compliance?

We complain of no light. Granted, our country isn’t generating enough light to comfortably power the whole Nigeria, but what do we do when we have light? You see people wasting it:they leave light bulbs on, various electrical appliances are left working even though they are not using them, just like that, for no reason. Not only is it wasting Energy, it is adding to the alarming increase in global warming in its own way.

Yes I know our government hasn’t turned up for us, dem never do us proud. All we can do is to play our cards right, do all we can and make sure that we are not to blame for the little things even though FG is to blame for the big things.

The little things count too and sometimes they count the most. Remember that.


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