MTN Pulse Advert starring Davido.
September 25, 2015
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MTN Pulse Advert starring Davido.

This advert was just all right. If you are the type that likes to put your ears directly in front of the speakers of your Television set, then you just might like this one. The Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) helps MTN Nigeria promote their MTN Pulse platform. It is a youth community that enables you get free calls, lower rates and all the mumbo jumbo they feed us while still chopping our money from right under our noses.

My question though: Would it have killed Davido to farabale and talk properly? I mean, you can see his mouth moving; you can barely pick out some words and just the last word for each sentence is heard clearly.

Another thing I don’t get: the drumming thing he did after saying “something, something for the hits”. I know drums are used as sound effects to make a statement but for me mimicking the drums is a serious NO! Sure, OBO does that with so much swag in his videos, drumming to some sick beats that shizzy (his producer) made but MTN making him do that in this advert makes it look so ordinary.

NO! NO! NO! Please OBO, get them to re-do the advert as we are tired of seeing a Davido performance we see in his music videos. You already have enough money na! You are the heir to your Father’s wealth. So you can give MTN their money back (if necessary, LOL!). Abeg na joke o!


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