Less talk more action – The case of Etcetera
September 18, 2015
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Less talk more action – The case of Etcetera

No doubt he WAS one of the best Rock artistes in Nigeria until his very long and unexplained hiatus/sabbatical began. His beautiful way of playing the guitar could only be rivaled by Asa. He is Etcetera. Yes he was a musician before and even one of the best in Nigeria at that time,and I’m sure some of you even forgot about his musical career until I mentioned it just now. He had hit songs that rocked the airwaves of Nigerian Radio.
But now all he does is talk, talk and talk some more about how Musicians are not singing right, about how the African connect version of “we are the world” was a joke, about how M.I’s Album was one of the worst albums released by a Nigerian artiste. Even our President Buhari wasn’t spared from Etcetera’s wrath and criticisms. So why can’t Etcetera leave his newspaper column and make another album to show the Nigerian artistes how good music should sound like, or show Nigerians the right type of music to listen to?
I mean it’s only fair, if all you do is talk, talk and talk when you actually have the power to make a change – since he is or was a musician – why don’t you?
Abi Lagos what do you think?


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