Ads Review – Hi Malt
September 17, 2015
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Ads Review – Hi Malt

Now this advert just came to me when I went to a store and saw a crate of Hi malt. I can’t really remember how the advert went so I went searching. Just to relive the memories! The advert was not available anywhere online even Mr Know-it-all Google couldn’t locate the advert. I remember the lyrics of the song from the advert. It went something like this:
“Here’s to my Hi-Malt… Hi-Malt!
The Malt that’s fun to drink… Hi-Malt!
Taste that turns me on… Hi-Malt!
Hi-Maaaalt! Hi-Maaaalt!
The excitement is for real… Hi-Malt!
I just can’t get enough… Hi-Malt!
The fun’s gonna get ya… Hi-Malt!
Move up to… Hi-Malt!”

Now if you would turn your attention to the third line of lyrics. First, huh? As in, what? At the time the advert came out, we were young and didn’t know what we were singing, but now I’m like whaaaat!! I will definitely not allow my children drink Hi-Malt. I mean if that is what is gonna happen to them then no way will I allow them near Hi-Malt.
I’ll probably lie to them that it a drink for Grandmas and Grandpas. A true Nigerian man will think ‘In whose house do you want to get turned on ehn? Lailai! I will rather flog the ‘demon’ out of you’. Hi-Malt ko, Lo malt ni! Better go and drink the blood of Jesus.
Abi I lie! My fellow Lagosians, what do you think?


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