What Makes WizKid Thick?
September 14, 2015
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What Makes WizKid Thick?

Oghenefego Ofili

I can almost guess that some people saw the title of this article and went, “Is WizKid thick at all?” I believe this popular and successful singer, songwriter and performer has some qualities that distinguish him from the pack. Wizkid is one of the youngest artists in Africa with international appeal. He was ranked 5th on Forbes and Channel O’s 2013 list of the top 10 Richest/Bankable African Artists. This, my friend does not come by wishful thinking. So bear with me and look through my lens, maybe you will see from my perspective.

Wizkid with mentor and former label boss, Banky W

One characteristic that makes Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (WizKid) exceptional is his respect and appreciation for mentorship. In an interview with Adesope of Factory 78 TV, Wizkid said OJB Jezreel prevented him from recording for a year. In that period, while visiting Jezreel’s studio, he watched 2 Face Idibia record ‘Grass 2 Grace’ and watched Sound Sultan record ‘Jagbanjantis’. A year later, Wizkid started recording. He also cited Naeto C as a mentor and coach when he was 15 years old. It is not news that Banky W also played a significant role in grooming this greatly talented artist, Wizkid by creating platforms for the youngster to shine.
If there is anything I know about mentorship, it is the fact that the mentor does not chase after the protege; the reverse is usually the case. Unfortunately, many aspiring artists do not want to humble themselves to the mentorship of others. What you find is young people who believe they can ‘make it’ without the help of others. If you look closely, it is not like they do not want the help of others; it is just that they are too cowardly to be accountable to someone else.
Looking at Wizkid closely, you will notice that the guy knows how to leverage on relationships in a mutually beneficial way.
I know some of you do not agree with me; now you can share your views.


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