September 11, 2015
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Bayo Omoboriowo is a Street/Documentary photographer; this 28-year old graduate of Chemistry is currently the official photographer of President Muhammadu Buhari. He recently tied the knot with his heartthrob Lola Omitokun.

How did one so young get to such a position in his career within a short period? His aspiring photography career started as a hobby; he would borrow cameras from friends to cover events during his days as an undergraduate in the university.

Because of his passion for photography, he turned down the opportunity to become a lecturer offered to him being the best graduating student in his department. Although the son of a photographer, he didn’t inform his parents he was into photography until his work started receiving recognition because he had observed that some parents may not support their ward’s chosen profession because in a country like Nigeria, they want a profession that will guarantee financial security. Despite the problems he faced, Bayo sees every photo-shoot and challenge as a learning point for him to grow. He admits the Internet has been his main tutor teaching him different concepts.

Many people believe documentary photography is not lucrative in Nigeria, so most photographers prefer to cover commercial events like weddings, carnivals, beauty pageants and other social activities. However Bayo does not agree, he believes most photographers who venture into this field of photography do not exercise enough patience to reap its dividends. He advises that documentary photographers should develop portfolios because, “people who pay for documentary photography won’t listen to you if don’t have a portfolio”.

According to Bayo, the three indispensable qualities that make a great photographer are God, continuous study and character. He believes complacency is one of art’s greatest problems in Africa; photographers ought to practice before taking shoots.

Bayo Omoboriowo is an advocate of equipping yourself with adequate training because its not the gadgets that makes a great photographer but your knowledge of the craft, creativity and resilience.
Some of the projects Bayo has worked on include the 100 Unseen Heroine project, which was directed at celebrating anonymous yet extraordinary African women of integrity who are contributing to the economic growth of the nation in their own little way; “Photograph a Child’ Project, which he pulled off by organising photographers to go into rural areas to share time and capture moments with children during the Children’s Day celebration amongst others.

Since his venture into professional photography in 2010, Bayo has won awards and received recognition like the 1st runner up, AAF Etisalat Amateur Photography competition 2012, The Future Creative Person of the Year 2012 and Afrinolly Short Film Competition 2013.
Bayo sees photography is a tool for social change. “I am a photographer but not one that only wants to make money but to take pictures that tell stories and inspire people to provide tools to make the society better, that’s the assignment”.

In his bid for social advocacy, he does not only focus on the negatives but also tries to capture the progress we have made as a nation thereby encouraging the government for what they have done so far and so they do more and even better.


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