April 13, 2015
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Technology Overload

What are your still doing with a Blackberry? That is old school. In my mind I am like “Really?” I have a phone that is working: I can make calls, send text, chat, browse, etc. so why do I have to up and get another phone just so I appear hippe. To add insult to the matter, you want me to buy a N45,000 Samsung Phone. Dare I ask: why technology overload?

There are loads of features on my phone that I do not use now someone wants me to buy a phone that has more apps, which I would never use. Really, a phone is just that for me: a phone. Yeah, there is the memo-pad that allows you write epistles; you have the Microsoft word version that gives the illusion that you are on your laptop. What gets to me is this tiny screen and little keyboard that only allows two fingers to work. Imagine having to write a chapter of a book, how far can you go with this little screen and keyboard. I tried it once and I kept wondering: how do people do these things. Maybe I am a traditionalist; the old way works for me, has worked for me and will continue to work for me.

But let’s think about it: sitting on your table, your MacBook 17inch screen opened in front of you. The thought only does it for me; my brain juices are unleashed, while both hands dancing across the keyboard keeping up with the ideas and thoughts as they form is no major task. A jump to the dictionary to find words that suit my purpose and I continue till I have emptied my soul onto this mean machine. Now I breathe a sigh of relief and close the document to visit it again another day.

My Blackberry finally decided not to work again and I am suggested to buying a new phone. After a lot of analysis and comparison, I opt for a Lumia. It has lots of apps and I promised myself I would try and use but I am a traditionalist: a phone is for communications FULL STOP. It cannot replace my ever-active Mac.


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