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April 13, 2015
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Data Freak

Reading a post on FB recently I got taken aback: our life has been reduced to numbers. The post stated: Recent events in the banking sector and the international scene have caused me to look into God’s word and know that the rapture of the saints is no longer near but right at the door. It all started with SIM registration, then to NUBAN (ten digit bank account numbers), now we have BVN and NIN without which you cannot transact your business.

For every transaction and form of identification you take up, you are given a set of numbers. Check your international passport, drivers licence, etc. if you are like me that enjoys sci-fi movies, the world is becoming like that. We would be puppets in the hand of the master technologist. Hackers would get our data with ease, they can change our record without you knowing for years. Ah! Be afraid, be very afraid!!

That was just to pull your legs but really what is it with collecting all data and turning all of human into numbers. There are advantages: we can track kidnappers with information attached to the phone line they used for their crimes; chronic bank debtors hiding information can be found and stopped from defrauding another bank etc. But how can we ensure our information is not misused, handled carelessly and not available to hackers.

This is a call to everyone. It is great that government wants to collect data but they need to also guarantee us the information is safe. Next time you are about to release info about yourself, think about this, ask questions and feel confident about how your data would be used and kept. Ciao.



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