On my way to work my headphones plugged in as usual, my playlist jammed different tunes into my ears and even the cab driver couldn’t help but notice the continuous and really intense head-bobbing movement I was exhibiting. The songs

Data Freak

Reading a post on FB recently I got taken aback: our life has been reduced to numbers. The post stated: Recent events in the banking sector and the international scene have caused me to look into God’s word and know

Sport Mood!!!

It’s July!!!! Lots of football fans males and females alike will understand my excitement. After July comes August, and with August comes…(wait for it)…the 2015/2016 football season. It’s been a long wait and football lovers all around the globe are

Technology Overload

What are your still doing with a Blackberry? That is old school. In my mind I am like “Really?” I have a phone that is working: I can make calls, send text, chat, browse, etc. so why do I have

Hey readers, how was your week? Hope it wasn’t too stressful. How are you surviving with fuel situation? This gives me an idea. We should have versus for Fuel supply and Power supply which is the greater evil. I would

Driving in Lagos

What a day! I had just made a delivery to a client on the Island and was on my way back to the office. Fuel was low so windows were down, of course I was sweating like a Christmas chicken